Genuine Snow and Nealley Replacement Head for Hudson Bay and Penobscot Bay Axes


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Genuine replacement head for Snow and Nealley Hudson Bay and Penobscot Bay axes.

In stock (can be backordered)


Use this head to replace the head on the Snow and Nealley Penobscot Bay and Hudson Bay axes. The head accepts any handle with a 11/16″ by 2″ eye. The head is 1 lb., 12 oz. (variations up to an ounce either way).

Snow and Nealley axe heads are forged and tempered in the United States of American steel. A clear finish is applied to the steel to protect against corrosion and rust during handling and storage. The surface variations visible in the image are due to this clear coat. The blade is sharp, but should be given a final edge after you install the handle.  Bulk packed.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 4 in

2 reviews for Genuine Snow and Nealley Replacement Head for Hudson Bay and Penobscot Bay Axes

  1. David F. (verified owner)

    I have had a Snow & Nealley Penobscot Bay kindling axe for a few years and love it, I was really surprised to see these fine people selling the axe head by itself. I bought this head to hang on a handle I had kicking around. I have to say the people at “S&N” and “The Working Axes” terrific, making a quality product, shipping promptly while communicating well. The steel is great and the finish is spot on (see my review for the Penobscot Kindling Axe).

    I hung this head on a hickory handle that started at 26 inches, coming out to about 24 and 1/2 inches when done. It is amazing, the extra length makes this head even more capable. If you drew a line from the “toe” of the bit through the “heel” and continued to the “knob” , it comes in right on the grip area and balances beautifully.

    I will be adding another (or two) axe(s) from these fine people , to my quiver of working tools.

  2. Eric M. (verified owner)

    I bought this axe head from Snow and Nealley a couple of years ago and hung it on a 26″ hickory handle hand-picked for me by the folks at House Handle.
    It made up into a really nice lightweight axe that is really extremely capable for its size.

    Is it a felling axe? No, but it can fall small to medium trees (up to 12″ or so) without wishing I had brought something larger and heavier; she limbs very well and her lighter weight and shorter handle make her more useable and controllable in tighter spaces.

    The quality of the steel and its temper seems to be good. A 6″ bastard file and a puck-type stone and you can keep her sharp enough to cut all day, and it’s the sharpness that helps minimize the fact that the head is light weight. Well-directed cuts enable this little axe to punch well above her weight when she is kept sharp, and that lighter weight and shorter handle add up to better accuracy. She does not tire the user and does not cost a lot of effort to carry in or out of the woodlot, campsite, or deep woods.

    Finally, the cost is reasonable for the quality you get. Hanging this little axe can give you good experience in the mechanics of installing an axe handle and help make the axe YOURS.

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