Snow and Nealley Penobscot Bay Kindling Axe


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This axe is a backpacker’s delight. Small enough for carrying, yet big enough to get you the firewood you need. Ideal for splitting kindling wood at home, at camp, at the lodge, or on the trail. Features the famous Hudson Bay head fitted to a knobbed 18″ select American hickory handle to allow one-handed use.

In stock (can be backordered)


This axe is a backpacker’s delight, and great for splitting kindling! It is small enough for carrying, yet big enough to get you the firewood you need. Individually hardened in Snow and Nealley’s workshop for strength, this axe will be by your side for years to come. Features Snow and Nealley’s best-selling 1-3/4lb. Hudson Bay head fitted to a knobbed 18″ select American hickory handle. The shorter handle allows one-handed use. Genuine leather blade guard is included.

The Penobscot Bay Kindling Axe is forged, tempered, ground, and assembled in the USA of US materials.

  • Overall Length: 17-1/8″
  • Cutting Edge, Heel to Toe: 3-7/8″
  • Head Length, Butt to Cutting Edge: 6-11/16″
  • Butt: 1-3/4″ X 7/8″
  • Overall Weight (without guard): 2 lb., 8.8 oz.
What to expect when you receive your new axe

All Snow and Nealley axes are hand-assembled and finished in a small craftsman’s shop. You can expect the grain of the axe handle and the texture of the leather guard to vary from the picture in this listing. In addition, there may be slight variations in the finish on the head.

Snow and Nealley gives each axe head a clearcoat finish to prevent rust during shipping. The finish will come off during sharpening and use. This is normal.

Axe heads are hand-tempered and hand-ground. They are shipped sharp enough to cut, but without the final edge that many users will prefer. You may add the final touches according to your preference with a file, grinding stone, or grinding wheel.

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Additional information

Weight 3.9 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 6 × 2.5 in

2 reviews for Snow and Nealley Penobscot Bay Kindling Axe

  1. David F.

    I bought the Penobscot Bay Kindling Axe in 2019 , before I found this site. I feel 2 years of use qualifies me to leave this review . In the two years I have had it, this axe has become the one I reach for when doing everyday jobs.

    It arrived with a workable edge and lacquer on the head and handle. It was very nicely hung on a beautiful handle, straight and with perfect grain alignment. After spending some quality time stripping the handle and dressing the edge it became MINE.

    It works great as a kindling splitter, but also does very well at chopping, delimbing and any other task (within design reason) that I use it for. The steel is very durable and maintains an edge beautifully requiring only some stropping to to keep it up. I have worked on pine, fir, birch, redwood, madrone, oak, eucalyptus etc. and it has performed very well.

    The head allows room to choke up on the edge and handle some rough carving, feather stick making and so on. Overall the 1.75 lb head handles everything I have thrown at it.
    I love this axe, so much that I purchased another head head to hang on a handle (longer – 26 inch ) I had laying around.

    I can see another axe, or two from Snow and Nealley making there way into my tool kit.

  2. Dennis

    I have had this axe for about five years. I love it! I use it to cut kindling all winter long. I also throw it in the truck when I go camping. I don’t keep it super sharp as it is not necessary for what I do. But I honestly think I have only sharpened it twice as it holds the edge that I need. Everything about this axe for kindling and camping makes it a great axe. I know I paid a lot more for it, so this is a good price. Plus, this is American made and being a Veteran, means something to me.

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