Split ‘n Kindling Set: Penobscot Bay Axe and Kindling Maul

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This fireside set for splitting and chopping kindling and firewood includes the Penobscot Bay Kindling Axe and the 3 lb. Mini Maul.

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The Split ‘n Kindling Set from Snow and Nealley combines two of the best chopping tools for fireside and campsite.

The Penobscot Bay Kindling Axe is light and easy to use, even with one hand, but it’s classic blade provides great cutting power. In addition to splitting kindling, the Penobscot Bay Axe will limb trees and clear brush. This gift set includes a full-head leather sheath for the axe, rather than the blade guard that comes with the axe purchased separately.

The 3 lb. Mini Maul also fits one hand well, but its greater heft will power through tougher splitting jobs. The maul comes with a hand-made full-grain leather blade guard.

The axes are packed in a handsome gift box.

Dimensions of Penobscot Bay Axe
  • Overall Length: 17-1/8″
  • Cutting Edge, Heel to Toe: 3-7/8″
  • Head Length, Butt to Cutting Edge: 6-11/16″
  • Butt: 1-3/4″ X 7/8″
  • Overall Weight (without sheath): 2 lb., 8.8 oz.
Dimensions of Mini Maul
  • Overall Length: 16-7/8″
  • Cutting Edge, Heel to Toe: 3″
  • Head Length, Butt to Cutting Edge: 6-1/2″
  • Butt: 1-7/8″ X 1-3/8″
  • Overall Weight (without blade guard): 3 lb., 11.7 oz.
What to expect when you receive your new gift set

All Snow and Nealley axes are hand-assembled and finished in a small craftsman’s shop. You can expect the grain of the axe handle and the texture of the leather guard to vary from the picture in this listing. In addition, there may be slight variations in the finish on the head.

Snow and Nealley gives each axe head a clearcoat finish to prevent rust during shipping. The finish will come off during sharpening and use. This is normal.

Axe heads are hand-tempered and hand-ground. They are shipped sharp enough to cut, but without the final edge that many users will prefer. You may add the final touches according to your preference with a file, grinding stone, or grinding wheel.

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Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 8 × 3 in


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