Snow and Nealley “Our Best” 3-1/2 lb. Single Bit Axe


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The woodsmen’s favorite, this classic single bit axe is perfect for big jobs. Fitted with a 30″ select American hickory handle for greater leverage, and made in Maine of 100% US steel and hickory.

In stock (can be backordered)

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This axe is a classic, the woodsman’s favorite. The Snow & Nealley 3-1/2 lb. Single Bit Axe is perfect for big jobs. Our largest axe, it is fitted with a 30″ select American hickory handle for greater leverage.
The head is forged from a “fine” grain steel, hardened in Snow & Nealley’s furnace, and hand ground to provide a quality edge and hardness. Like all our Snow & Nealley axes, the 3-1/2 lb. Single Bit Axe is made in Maine of 100% US steel and hickory, and a genuine leather blade guard is included.

  • Overall Length: 28-13/16″
  • Cutting Edge, Heel to Toe: 4-3/8″
  • Head Length, Butt to Cutting Edge: 7-3/8″
  • Butt: 3-1/8″ X 1-1/8″
  • Overall Weight (without blade guard): 4 lb., 14.8 oz.
What to expect when you receive your new axe

All Snow and Nealley axes are hand-assembled and finished in a small craftsman’s shop. You can expect the grain of the axe handle and the texture of the leather sheath to vary from the picture in this listing. In addition, there may be slight variations in the finish on the head.

Snow and Nealley gives each axe head a clearcoat finish to prevent rust during shipping. The finish will come off during sharpening and use. This is normal.

Axe heads are hand-tempered and hand-ground. They are shipped sharp enough to cut, but without the final edge that many users will prefer. You may add the final touches according to your preference with a file, grinding stone, or grinding wheel.

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Additional information

Weight 6.1 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 7 × 2 in

5 reviews for Snow and Nealley “Our Best” 3-1/2 lb. Single Bit Axe

  1. Ryan Hendrickson (verified owner)

    I have had the 3-1/2 lb single but ace for a couple months and it is, without question, the finest axe I have ever had. It is well balanced and very comfortable to hold. I didn’t come very sharp so I put a good edge on it. This axe split wood beautifully. It is a pleasure to use. Very nice.
    Thank you

  2. Jason

    I tested this axe with a US Special Forces veteran. He bucked 16” dia downed trees and it held a sharp sharp edge. I split wood and use it for general property maintenance. Certainly the best value on the planet compared to Swedish or hand forged European axes. I sold my Hults Bruk after owning a new Snow & Neeley. You set the edge for either a chopper or splitter. Sharpen to your desired bevels before use.

  3. Ryan (verified owner)

    Meh, looks nice. I got one that should have been a second. Working axes gave me a partial refund accordingly. Had some rust on the blade and a chip out of the shoulder of the handle. Then I looked at the bottom of the head, noticeably off center (more metal on one side than the other. Should have spent 30 bucks more and gotten a stihl. I really do like the ergonomics of it, the steel seems a little soft when filing. Didn’t take long to put an edge on it. Smacked a couple pieces of froze together wood to break them free with the sheath still on it. Only single stitching so it went right through, ripped two of the rivets in half and is now useless. Didn’t even hit them hard just enough to pop them apart. Overall it’s nice enough to pound wedges and throw around in the dirt.

  4. Kurtis Baker

    Held up splitting and chopping some tough knotted cedar. Great American made product!

  5. Jason

    I have been using this axe for a couple of years now, recieved it as a gift. I use when out cutting firewood and around here that’s 4 species of trees: ponderosa pine, piñon pine, one seed juniper, and Rocky Mountain juniper. Super light and easy to carry, drives felling wedges nicely, does great for limbing, taking bark off and other general tasks. Easy to sharpen, holds a good edge,and swings true. Handle is nicely crafted and has proven durable and easy on the handsI really enjoy carrying and using this axe, a truly nice USA made tool.

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